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CISV er en religiøst og politisk uavhengig barne- og ungdomsorganisasjon som arbeider for fred ved å skape større forståelse mellom mennesker fra ulike kulturer og nasjoner.

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Peace war peace

Publisert: Monday 27. July 2015, 17.42

This is an activity to make the delegates reflect on respecting the feelings, time and property of other people and see the connection to why countries go to war against each other. The group is split into different teams which all get the task of making a sculpture with a CISV and peace-related theme. The […]

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Prom night!

Publisert: Sunday 26. July 2015, 20.20

Picture bonanza from the best night of the camp! The leaders prepared an amazing prom night for us. It started out with a hamburger dinner where we sat with our prom dates at the table, and then we were “driven” in the “limo” to the gym where the prom started. We danced until dawn, had […]

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July 22nd

Publisert: Friday 24. July 2015, 11.29

To commemorate the terrorist attacks in Norway, 22nd of July 2011, we wrote a note of what peace means to us and sent it up into the sky with a balloon. This was the last day of camp before leaving early in the morning. Thank you to all the delegates, leaders and JCs for your […]

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Open day

Publisert: Wednesday 22. July 2015, 18.05

Open day! People from the chapter, from Oslo, CISVers, guests and friends all gathered at our school Sunday to take part in the Open Day. The delegations made stands outside with pictures, treats and colours from their country to share a bit of their culture to the visitors.   Afterwards we invited everybody inside for […]

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The Alien Game!

Publisert: Wednesday 22. July 2015, 10.54

Today we played a game called the Alien game. All of the leaders dressed up as aliens, while the kids were earthlings stranded on their mysterious planet. The kids had to understand how to communicate with the aliens, so that the aliens could help them get back to earth! All of the kids did great, […]

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Publisert: Tuesday 21. July 2015, 10.32

The Stereotypes game is a tough but interesting activity to make the delegates aware of their own stereotypes toward other countries as well as understanding how others view themselves and their culture. Every delegation writes the name of their country on a piece of paper, and then the paper travels from group to group, each […]

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Fiesta Latina!

Publisert: Monday 20. July 2015, 20.36

Today we had a lot of fun. We had a lot of activities, and in the evening El Salvador, Costa Rica and Mexico threw a Latino Party as their national nights! We danced, had limbo, and ate a lot of exciting food! It was a real Fiesta, and a great ending to the national nights! […]

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Tuesday, 7th of July

Publisert: Saturday 18. July 2015, 11.37

This day we played a lot out in the sun, for example we had to cooperate to make a long line out of our shoes! In the evening Italy had their National Night, and also Costa Rica, Mexico and El Salvador had a presentation about their countries. It was a great day! /Emil, Staff

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Swedish and Indian National Night!

Publisert: Tuesday 7. July 2015, 09.44

After a long and nice trip in the woods, we got back to our camp, where Sweden and India had prepared their National Nights for us. First out was India. Not only did we learn a lot of facts about the country, but we also got to see a lot of Indian dances and we […]

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Excursion Day

Publisert: Monday 6. July 2015, 23.52

A few days ago we went on our first excursion. It was a hike in the woods, and although it took some time, and some got their shoes dirty, the weather was great, and everyone enjoyed it. Our goal before heading back to camp was to see the lake, where we got to sit down […]

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