July 22nd

Opposite Village

CISV er en religiøst og politisk uavhengig barne- og ungdomsorganisasjon som arbeider for fred ved å skape større forståelse mellom mennesker fra ulike kulturer og nasjoner.

July 22nd

To commemorate the terrorist attacks in Norway, 22nd of July 2011, we wrote a note of what peace means to us and sent it up into the sky with a balloon. This was the last day of camp before leaving early in the morning. Thank you to all the delegates, leaders and JCs for your understanding, respect and empathy. I know you learned a lot about this during camp!

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All the the delegations have now left Norway and we are really grateful that some are already safely home. Thank you again a million times for this month together! We will continue to update the blog with more post from activities and days we have not yet covered yet, so please keep on reading 🙂

/SISI, staff

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