I love my Monito, yes I do!

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I love my Monito, yes I do!

We have started an ongoing game at camp where we all have gotten a secret friend! This activity is called Monito. Everyone at camp got a balloon with a note inside saying who their Monito is.

IMG_2107IMG_2109  IMG_2110

Then they each made an envelope with their name on it and we stuck in on the wall, and every day they have to write notes or give candy and bracelets to their Monito and get something back from another secret Monito.

IMG_2081IMG_2083   IMG_2087 IMG_2088  IMG_2090 IMG_2091     IMG_2096 IMG_2097  IMG_2099  IMG_2101    IMG_2105


The Monito envelope wall!

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We’re all is enjoying the excitement of not knowing who we are receving gifts from every day! I just hope nobody gets tempted to tell their Monito who they are until the end of the game…

/Sisi, staff

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