The Frozen story game

Opposite Village

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The Frozen story game

Hi everyone!

Here is another dress-up activity from the camp! The kids really love to dress up and be creative with acting, dancing and arts and crafts. This time we played a game called the Frozen story. The kids were split into groups and all the groups had to perform several scenes from the story of Elsa and Anna in Frozen. The twist was that every group had a theme for their performance, for example stone age Frozen, backwards Frozen and gangster Frozen. The delegates really enjoyed being on stage performing! Can you guess the themes of the groups from these pictures?

IMG_1888 IMG_1902  IMG_1910 IMG_1912 IMG_1916 IMG_1918 IMG_1934 IMG_7420   IMG_1897IMG_7425

/Sisi, staff


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